SMJ Partners sponsored the 10th Annual OffshoreAlert Conference Europe

SMJ Partners is proud to have been a sponsor of the 10th Annual OffshoreAlert Conference Europe, held in London on December 4-5, 2023. This landmark event brought together over 300 registrants from 27 countries, featuring a mix of professionals from different sectors. Attorneys, insolvency practitioners, investigators, and senior figures from both the private and public sectors gathered to share their insights on the latest developments regarding international disputes, litigation and investigative media projects.

Insightful Sessions and Discussions

The agenda was packed with sessions covering a wide range of topics, providing insights into the latest trends and challenges in the industry. For us the main value was in getting first hand insights into a wide range of topics of relevance. Some highlights included:

  • Cyprus Confidential: An international investigative project led by the ICIJ, revealing financial activities in Cyprus. See the ICIJ Project here
  • Credit Suisse: Failure of a Scandal-Plagued Bank: An examination of the collapse and challenges facing major financial institutions like Credit Suisse, featuring Dirk Schütz, the editor in Chief of Swiss “Bilanz” (an excellent book on the collapse can be found in German here
  • Litigation Funding for Crypto Disputes: Addressing the surge in crypto-related scams and litigation funding’s role.
  • Deep Fakes & The Global Disinformation Industry: The impact of deep fakes and disinformation on various sectors. Which already highlighted the trends that seem to unfold now in election years, with fake-audio material being shared on multiple SM platforms that could change or impact the outcome of elections. See an FT Article on this here

The conference also provided valuable networking opportunities, allowing attendees to build connections and discuss insights from the sessions. As we reflect on the success of the conference, we at SMJ Partners find this a very lively and international community which is gathering at the OA with an excellent Team that is organizing the conference behind the Scenes.